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Project Photos

Welcome to the ALTERNATIVE ENERGY Consultants photo album page.  We are proud to show some of the prime power (24/7/365 operation) & back-up power projects that have been procured/installed while Vito was Director of Sales at UTC Power & Altergy Systems.  First project is a 400kW stationary fuel cell CHP solution for a hospital in Northern, CA. The second project is a typical application for a PEM fuel cell, providing reliable long-term back-up power in the event of a utility outage versus legacy technologies like batteries and diesel generators. The third project is an example of a CCHP application (seasonal heating & cooling), with an integrated microturbine/absorption chiller for a CT hospital. This technology is a more efficient solution versus a fuel cell for an application that requires cooling & heating. The fourth project was initially specified as a fuel cell project for this historic commercial office building, but because of the building base load level/space heating loads/space availability, a microturbine based CHP made for a more sound technical solution & financial value proposition for the building owner.  Please enjoy these project photos. We will be adding to this page with more projects on a periodic basis.


400kW CHP Stationary Fuel Cell Installation at St. Helena Hospital, St. Helena, CA (In Napa Valley).





Typical Telecommunications back-up power application for a PEM fuel cell system.



Microturbine/Absorption Chiller combo better suited for Combined Cooling, Heating, & Power (CCHP) application at this CT hospital.




65kW Microturbine based CHP for downtown SF historic landmark office building.