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Natural Gas Prices at Historic Lows!

Distributed Generation technologies, fueled by Natural Gas (NG), make sense for prime power energy management only when the cost of NG is low compared to the cost of electricity (this is known as "spark spread" in the industry).  In CA for example, electric rates in some investor owned utility areas are at $0.13 /kWh (or higher), coupled now with low NG prices between $4.00 & $5.00/MMBTU.  This results in a spark spread bewteen 8 & 9.  Normally, Distributed Generation (CHP/CCHP) pencils financially when the spark spread is just 3 or greater.  Now more than ever, you should evaluate a CHP/CCHP on-site power generation system for your commercial or industrial facility.  Call us today, we will guide you through every step in the process, and will be sure to specify the most efficient system & technology to maximize your ROI, provide year round operating cost reductions, and minimize your environmental footprint.


Natural Gas Futures Pricing Outlook from 2009 - 2035


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